King Edgar
The Iron King

In the grand eastern plains of The Heartlands rules King Edgar: The Iron King. He is famed for his groundbreaking inventions, his skills as a warrior, and his strong leadership. In his territory, you will find The Iron Fortress. A large and complex megastructure that is armed to the very core. With a massive arsenal of weapons, advanced machinery, and one of the biggest known armies, he protects his people from the world outside.


The Forge calls to Edgar. Some would say he is addicted to crafting. Addicted to creating new machines, new armor, and new ways of resource gathering. Not only does he create equipment for his people, but also for himself. Edgar is a great fighter and is almost always equipped with his weapon-filled impenetrable armor, a great Warhammer, and many other gadgets. In battle, Edgar is quick, strong, and accurate. However, when truly angered, his strength overtakes his dexterity.


Edgar has strong opinions and is always very direct with what he means. Whenever he feels something about a certain topic, he will state this loudly and proudly. Often to the point where it's annoying. It's hard to change his mind, but not impossible. He always says what he thinks unless it will not benefit him strategically. Sometimes he can be seen as a bit of a hard-ass, but his people respect him for that. Others not so much...


Edgar hates magic above everything else. Even the mere mention of mysterious spells and abilities can send him into a furious frenzy. This is due to some past complications with the stuff. Edgar considers magic to be an evil heresy and refuses to come near those who practice it.

King Edgar