Lord Smarf
The Yellow-Handed Sorcerer

In the misty mountains to the south of the Heartlands rules Lord Smarf, often referred to by outsiders as "The Yellow-Handed Sorcerer." No one is quite sure what he is, but it does not matter, for just about anyone is welcome in his cold, cozy village: The Towering Hearth. The place is filled with outcasts from all walks of life. Unfortunately, this often gives visitors the impression that his kingdom is one big madhouse. However, this could not be farther from the truth, as the creatures here are very friendly and respect one another.


Smarf is a highly skilled mage. No one he encountered has ever come close to mimicking his magical abilities. These abilities vary wildly since Smarf is constantly learning more from his mysterious book of spells. His magical powers, and his love for potion brewing, allow his people to live under the cold and harsh conditions of the mountains. It also keeps the dangers of the world outside of his kingdom.

Smarf's immense power should not be understated. Creating magic combustions, opening up portals, and even re-aligning the very stars themselves are just a few of the things he can do. Although these spells and abilities are not always performed faultlessly.


Lord Smarf is a very reserved creature. He knows he technically doesn't count as a lord, but people rely on him, and that makes up for the fact. Smarf is slightly unhinged and can sometimes be a control freak, but he usually gets the job done. While an outsider might think of Smarf as a complete lunatic, any friend of his knows that he has a heart of gold.


It cannot be stressed enough how strange Smarf is as a creature. He's not really human, nor really animal. He looks kind of human until you take the robes away. Many parts seem like they should belong to animals or something else entirely unknown. Smarf himself doesn't even know what he is. Just a Smarf.

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