The Heartlands

The Heartlands is a fantasy webcomic with a fully planned story, extensive lore, and many mysteries to solve. When earthquakes settle over The Heartlands, three incompatible lords suddenly find that a much bigger threat awaits on the horizon...

This comic is being worked on by a team of two people! It's our passion project, and while we're still in the early stages, there are already quite some panels to read, art pieces to enjoy, and secrets to discover.

If you like the comic or want to contact us, feel free to enter our Discord Server

The Story

The story is set in a strange, but familiar world. A world mostly untouched by the hand of man. A world filled with conflicts between different species. A world where danger lurks around every corner.

In this world, you can find The Heartlands. The place is named after its extremely fruitful soil, its abundance of resources, its diverse environments. And, of course, its strong presence of magic...

3 powerful lords rule over these Heartlands. However, they do not condone each other. They are in constant conflict and strongly disagree about each other's ways.

But the immense power of these 3 lords is equal. They know that a war will be the end for all of them. So a treaty is made. A promise to never set foot on each other's territory. A pledge to let each Kingdom grow on its own, without ever making contact.

And they kept that promise.

That was, of course, until the earthquakes happened...