Here we go again!

Hi. A lot has changed. For the last few months, we have been working on revamping most of The Heartlands webcomic. This includes the website, the lore, the characters, and many other things. There is much to discuss, so let's get into it.

The website

The entire Heartlands website is remade from scratch. The entire styling has been redone, the mobile responsiveness is much improved, and the website is faster overall. If you're feeling nostalgic for the old styling, don't worry; pretty much all pages have been archived using the Wayback Machine, and the old comic style can still be found on the archive page.

As for the big news, you can now optionally log into the website using Discord to earn "tokens" (viewable on the profile page). These are achievements that are rewarded for exploring the website, reading the comic, and uncovering its secrets. At the moment of writing, there are 19 tokens, some rarer than others. For now, they are merely collectibles, but their true purpose will be revealed in time…

The comic

Most of the comic has undergone changes. This has many reasons. When we started back in 2021, our vision of the theme and overall story was much more vague. Over time we expanded on the lore, the characters, and the deeper secrets they contain. However, there were some inconsistencies since we had already laid a foundation with the comic.

The changes you see on the website fix those inconsistencies. The most obvious one is the rework of the characters. They are all redesigned to better fit the lore and dark fantasy theme we're going for. When Chapter 3 begins, they will adapt to their new designs together with a new art style.

Similarly, the overall behavior of the characters will also change. The comic's dialogue and typography have been updated to better fit the lord's personalities. Unfortunately, some minor behavioral inconsistencies are still too difficult to change. In the future, we want to redo most of these older panels to fix those inconsistencies. However, for now, we would like to focus on continuing the story regularly. There are a lot of things we are excited for.

The rest

Almost done! We want to end with something special. We have created a cinematic trailer for the comic to celebrate the launch of all these updates. This trailer is dark, mysterious and hints at some of the secrets of The Heartlands. It is meant as a thematic introduction and is viewable right here.

Beneath the trailer, you will find the updated version of the "Here We Go!" image used in the first news post 2 years ago. We hope you enjoy all we have created because, as always,

There is much more to come…

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf falling into a maelstrom

New stuff, big updates, and… statues?

Hello there, maintainer of the website checking in. I woke up about a minute ago, looked at the time, and realized - whoops - it's been six months since our last news update. So… uhh... sorry 😅

Now, this news post should have been made somewhere in February, but unfortunately someone was too lazy to do so. And in the meantime so much new Heartlands-related stuff has been in the works that this post now has to serve both as a general update and as a new art release.

Firstly, the Heartlands is still chugging along nicely. New panels are always in the works, and we’re very excited to reveal what happens now that we near the third chapter. Meanwhile, there are some behind-the-scenes changes happening, set to be unveiled later this summer. We'll dive into those when the time comes, but the gist is a fresh direction for the comic from a certain point onwards, combined with some huge updates to the website. You can trust us when we say it’s going to be wild. And it's part of the reason why we're unveiling the statues now.

Speaking of statues, these clay statues, representing the three lords as they stand now, were created back in November 2021. Our talented artist has outdone herself, pairing the statues with a stunning art-piece set in a grand gallery.

And as for what’s next, well, let's just say we're keeping the best for summer. Stay tuned, because the Heartlands is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Until then, keep your eyes out for secrets.

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf as clay statues A gallery with statues of King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf

🎄 Holiday Special 2022 🎄

Happy Holidays from The Heartlands! We're excited to announce the release of our special holiday mini-comic: A Festival To Remember. Consisting of a whopping 14 new pages for you to read and enjoy!

You might be wondering how this surprise release came to be. Well, it turns out the artist accidentally created an entire extra comic while they were supposed to be taking a break! Of course, we couldn't bear the thought of keeping it all to ourselves, so we decided to share it with all of you.

We hope you enjoy reading the mini-comic as much as we enjoyed creating it. And don't worry, we've got even more surprises in store for the new year. We've got some exciting new things in the works as we near the end of the second chapter. We can't wait for you to see what we've been cooking up.

In the meantime, we hope you'll continue to enjoy the comic and the extras. From The Heartlands team, we wish you a happy holiday season!

A snowy field with the text 'a festival to remember'

Halloween Special! 🎃

The spooky season is upon us, and The Heartlands is celebrating it right along with everyone else. As a surprise, the artist has created a beautiful set of Halloween-themed art pieces. One for each of the 3 lords.

The Halloween 2022 edition of the lord cards can be found on the bonus page or by pressing the image below. Feel free to take a look at them! If you so dare…

Oh, and as we always say, new panels are coming up, and even more stuff is in the works. We love working on this comic and were far from being done with it. But for now, we'll leave you with the absolute spookiest of all pages. Please enjoy!

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf wearing halloween costumes and trick-or-treating

Puzzles and secrets…

There are bound to be puzzles and secrets in a comic about mysteries. You might have discovered some of them already. Now, however, big opportunities have opened up! We're happy to announce the start of a complex and mysterious journey right here on this website. 👁️

For those who are interested, we recommend that you do not fare this journey by yourself, for it is long, arduous, and difficult. Although, no one can stop you from trying, of course.

As always, there is much more to come. We're hard at work on new panels, art pieces, and other special content, and we can't wait to share it with you! For now, though, we'll leave you with this new art piece by the artist. Enjoy!

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf solving a jigsaw puzzle

Big Changes

Happy Birthday, Heartlands!

Happy birthday, Heartlands! You're officially turning 1. This past year has been the beginning of a project that will continue for many years to come. Now, with a total of 60 panels, and many art collections, we're ready to take the comic a few steps further.

There are some big things coming up. A lot of work is going on behind the scenes, and we're very eager to share it with everyone! It's still taking time, however, so be on the lookout. Soon things will change, and if you're following us now, you'll know when it happens 👁️

For now, though, we'll leave you with this amazing new art piece by the artist. Enjoy!

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf wearing party hats

Oops! No panel.... (kinda)

Hey! Sorry for the delay. Due to some external factors we didn't have much time to work on the comic this week.

However, we have a small surprise. A special unreleased poster collection of The Heartlands is viewable right here!

Please enjoy!

Holiday special!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from The Heartlands!

We're excited to announce our new Christmas collection. A set of 4 Heartlands-themed Christmas artworks.

We have worked on these for quite some time, so we sincerely hope you will enjoy these festive art pieces!

New panels will continue to be posted each Saturday. We have some really exciting things coming up in the comic. Be sure to look forward to it!

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf celebrating the holidays

The launch of chapter 2!

Hey, hey. The Heartlands comic has been going strong for about two months now, and we're just getting started! Today marks the launch of Chapter 2: The Trail.

We have some exciting events planned for chapter 2 and beyond. So be sure to follow all happenings closely. Maybe even pay attention to some of the finer details if you want to know where the story will be going (hint, hint)

Also, a new piece of art by the artist:

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf in a pre-battle stance

We're live!

And we're off! Today marks the first official day of our Heartlands webcomic! So far, we have 10 panels for you to enjoy. Of course, more are in the works and will be released as we finish them.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the art and story we have created. It's our passion project, so there's much more to come! We have some very exciting plans for the rest of this comic!

You can read more about the world and characters on the about page and on the characters page. If you want to chat about the comic, feel free to join our newly created Discord Server

King Edgar, Queen Pixie, and Lord Smarf falling into a maelstrom