Queen Pixie (The Lady Of The Woodlands)
About Deep within the twisted northern forests of the Heartlands rules Queen Pixie: The Lady Of The Woodlands. Her kingdom, The Rooted Sanctuary, is home to only the most loyal of creatures. A stranger who stumbles upon her sanctuary might never find his way out, while an invader might never find his way in. Pixie and her people see this as a good thing since outsiders are usually unwanted.

Skills Using the help of the mysterious Mother Earth herself, she can bend the forces of nature to her will. Pixie can grow and control plant life and its roots. She can summon strange, powerful creatures and sometimes even shapeshift her very being in twisted ways. If she wants to, she can tame any animal to be loyal to only her. The people in her kingdom profit greatly from her abilities since Pixie makes sure nutrition, medicine, and shelter are always in abundance.

Personality Queen Pixie is cunning, devious, and clever. Although she may seem peaceful on the outside, this is but an illusion, for she can be as fierce as a predator. Sometimes she can be impatient and too fast to judge, but more often than not, she'll turn a bad situation around.

Pixie has devoted her life to serving the great and mysterious Mother Earth herself. She religiously respects every aspect of the forest and makes sure others do the same.

Note Due to a past filled with betrayal, Pixie can be cautious to the point of lunacy. While her kingdom isn't small by any means, there are rarely any crowds. Pixie only accepts creatures and people into her kingdom if they can demonstrate their strength and loyalty to her through a long and challenging gauntlet of trials. Trials that its victors hardly speak of and that others seldom survive to tell.